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ActivTrac On-Line Industrial Water Analyzer

Reliable and Accurate Real-Time Analysis of Active Cooling,
Boiler and Wastewater Treatment Chemicals to:

  • Ensure the correct amount of treatment
    chemicals are in the system
  • Save chemical costs
  • Extend plant equipment life
  • Improve reliability
  • Solve issues before they become problems

The online industrial analyzer family from ASA, Inc. utilizes our years of experience and proven technology to provide accurate analysis.

The ActivTrac analyzer is deisgned to reduce maintenance requirements including large ID sample tubing to minimize plugging and only quarterly reagent change out. Connect to your controller for chemical dosage control and reporting.





  • Automated Analysis Utilizing Proven VMo Method
  • Rapid Analysis
  • Low Maintenance
  • Automatic Zeroing and Cleaning
  • Proven Sample Handling with Large Tubing
  • Simple Field Adjustable Calibration
  • Sample Blank to Eliminate Background Interference
  • Field Programmable Display Nomenclature (ppm PO4 or ppm Product XYZ)
  • Many Interface Options
  • Internal Data Log of over 8000 readings
  • Compact Size

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